Low Voltage Smart Grid

Low-voltage electrical networks are changing the way electricity is generated and consumed. They are converting a network that had traditionally been only a consumer into one that will also be a generator.

Main Features and Application

Smart Grid Features

Smart Grid Solutions

Hardware elements: Supervisors + electronics

  • Different supervisors for different customers:
    • Advanced line supervisor ( upper SAL)
    • Live Retrofit Supervisor (LRS)
    • Retrofit Supervision Assembly (RSA)
    • Advanced line supervisor ( lower SAL)
  • Electronics: LV node and feeder meters


  • Summary of international references
  • Orion New Zealand
  • Iberdrola, Naturgy and Eredes Spain/Portugal
  • TNB Malaysia
  • Endesa Spain

LV monitoring architecture

  • Comparison between Transformer supervision and advanced supervision
  • Concept of Global LV network monitoring
  • LV advanced monitoring complete solution
  • Transformer supervision on a pole

Our Products

Intelligent fuse switches

We are industry leaders in crafting premium fuse switches, offering a wide range from NH00 to NH3. Our flexibility in sensor placement ensures seamless integration into your BT box. If you’re planning a new LV distribution panel, our experts are ready to help you make the best choice.

Advanced Supervision Card

The TSA, a state-of-the-art three-phase line meter, performs real-time calculations of RMS values every second. Here are some of the key parameters it computes:

  1. Phase-specific voltage readings
  2. Individual phase currents along with the derived neutral current
  3. Total active, reactive, and apparent power, separately for each phase and collectively
  4. Power factor assessment for each phase

LV Edge Node

The Low Voltage Remote serves as the central component of the low voltage monitoring system within the transformation center. Its primary functionalities encompass:

  1. Storing data from line meters.
  2. Facilitating communication with the BT software platform.
  3. Serving as the master of the RS485 bus for line meters using the DLMS-HDLC protocol.
  4. Supplying DC power to line meters through the RS485 cable.

Ariadna Smart IoT Platform

We offer a cutting-edge software solution designed for advanced analytics, enabling comprehensive global management of the low voltage network while seamlessly interfacing with ADMS-SCADA, GIS, and remote management systems.

The various functional modules within this solution enhance the significance of the data gathered by sensors deployed in the Secondary Substation, including:

  1. Low Voltage Network Topology Analysis
  2. Micro-SCADA (μSCADA) Integration for Low Voltage
  3. Asset Management Optimization
  4. Precise Loss Detection
  5. Robust Power Quality Assessment

These modules collectively empower efficient and informed decision-making for optimal network performance.

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