Pillar AL850/900-PILL

The Model AL 850/900 Pillar has dimensions of 850mm wide * 350mm deep * 900mm high. It is constructed using 2.5mm ‘marine grade’ alloy which is then Powder coated with a ‘rippled anti-graffiti’ coating. (Standard colour “Orica-Orion Green”). The Hinged door is secured with a night latch and cylinder lock. Additional security can be achieved with 2 x m8 304sts screws. The door is earthed to the main body. . A removable lower front sill allows easy access for cable installation. Installation can be achieved via the addition of a Hot Dip Galvanised underground burial base. A viewing window can be added for metering purpose.
Uses include:

  • Link Pillar
  • Service pillar
  • Metering Pillar
  • Street Lighting Control Pillar
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