Outdoor Sub-station Panel

Low Voltage Distribution Panel for Outdoor Transformer Substation.

The Panels are designed to be mounted within or ‘Free-standing’ within the outdoor transformer cubicle.(ABB-Minipad or ETEL-Totalpad, Citipad, Minipad) or alternately mounted within one of the RDL range of Aluminium Pillars.
RDL manufactures Low Voltage panels to suit any requirement for Distribution Transformer Substations up to 1.5mVA.
Utilising products from our partners Pronutec, OEZ and Top Cable, RDL provides solutions to match each customer’s requirement. Whether the requirement is for incoming cables directly fed to the Busbar, Disconnector, Load switch or MCCB, RDL Panels have the solution to suit. Demand metering or Network analysers, Street lighting or Hot water control can easily be accommodated. We can provide ready-made LV cable tails using the Top Cable XTREM range of flexible Rubber conductors providing a safe, robust and time saving solution.