Flexible Rubber Power Cable

The extraordinary flexibility and mechanical strength of the Top Cable XTREM H07RN-F 1kV rated flexible power cable is ideal for power transmission in both fixed and mobile service. This cable has been manufactured using compounds which have a superior behaviour to the ones specified in the standards. This fact makes the XTREM H07RN-F cable a multipurpose one with higher service temperature than standard H07RN-F and also 1kV voltage rating.
It is suitable for the applications: Heavy duty industrial power, industrial mobile use, windmills, robotics, heavy mobile use. It is suitable for use in Open air and underwater and has no flame propagation.


Please see options available below;

  • 1 Core 50mm2
  • 1 Core 70mm2
  • 1 Core 95mm2
  • 1 Core 120mm
  • 1 Core 150mm2
  • 1 Core 185mm2
  • 1 Core 240mm2
  • 1 Core 300mm2
  • 1 Core 400mm2,

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Flexible Rubber Power Cable

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